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DigiForums, a cross-season Digimon-RP

Anime/Manga Series or Video Game: Digimon, all seasons
Community: Proboards
Characters Needed/Open: Many! Check out our character lists here.

You like digimon?
You like roleplaying?
You love Forum-based RPs?
Then this is the perfect place for you to stay!

Welcome to DigiForums, a Digimon-RP on Proboards!

We are still a rather new roleplaying group. Having only started in July, we are still lacking members! Many characters are still free to grab – it doesn’t matter if it is one of the main digidestined, a support character or even a Digimon! Everyone will be welcomed with open arms! All you have to do is to sign up, reserve the character you want and send in your application. One of our mods will take care of it. Once you’re accepted, you’re free to roleplay! It’s very easy to become a member of our cute, little group!

There are many places for you to rp, not only do we have many boards in the human world, but also in the Digital World as well! Also, if you think you have a great idea for everyone to rp together, our plotting section is always open for plotbunnies and suggestions.

Take a look at the DigiForums and join us! Our members are all friendly and great people, we’d love to welcome you as one of us. :D

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a mod on the DigiForums or send me a private message!
Thank you for your attention, I really hope that we’ll see us on the DigiForums!
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