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Amongst the Wave

Amongst the Wave

Amongst the Wave

The dawn of night initiates a period of peaceful rest for the world and its inhabitants, and countless people are lulled into deep slumber by the enigmatic and weightless caress of moonlight as it enfolds everything in its path with a momentary embrace. All of the chaotic noise and energy that inhabit the restless day are stilled, and for a few hours, hearts are allowed to take pleasure in the sweet tranquility of the night. However, there are some instances where the moonlight is somehow rendered powerless, and it cannot lull a person into sleep…

There are many souls who are immune to the gentle, seductive touch of moonlight, and instead of finding peace within the soft glow of the moon, a starved, slumbering beast is awakened within a person’s heart. This beast is known by many names: Loneliness, Sleeplessness, Desire, Sorrow, Heartbreak, Daring, and Hope. No matter what name the beast goes by in individual hearts, there is one characteristic that it embodies in all, and that is hunger.

It is no secret that people harbor particular desires that cannot be ignored, the majority of which centers on the need for companionship. The heartbroken and lonely often take to the mystifying life of the night in hopes of finding a temporary companion that will ease the overwhelming sadness that pulses in their hearts. The restless and the daring walk underneath the light of the moon not quite sure what it is they are searching for among the shadows of the night, but knowing that when they come across it, they will instantly recognize it– and they will indulge themselves until satisfied. There are also others who are confident and know exactly what they are looking for, and also where to find it.

Amongst the Wave is a nightclub that caters to all wild or wounded hearts that roam the world during the night. It’s a Jazz/Blues/Early American Pop themed nightclub with a mellow, inviting atmosphere where even a completely shattered heart can find momentary solace. Lilting melodies and haunting voices fill the club from sunset until sunrise, and whether a person goes in simply to have a few drinks and bask in the energy of the crowd, or goes in looking for something more, he or she will walk out of the building with peace and contentment burning in his or her soul…that will only last until the return of night when the hunger of the best is once again awakened.

Amongst the Wave urges all patrons to free themselves, and surrender to the pull of the tide of their individual desires...

Within the Shadows

There is another part of the club that is hidden within shadow, and this section only caters to the few hearts that come into Amongst the Wave with a particular desire, a distinct hunger that can only be satisfied with something other than music or spirits. While some people are content to lose themselves within the soothing melodies and songs that are performed in the club, or within a few cocktails shared with a temporary companion, others seek something more… something dark and decadent.

Hidden within the other floors of Among the Wave are sections that accommodate exclusive members of the club that are a part of the BDSM lifestyle. There are people that the club employs to see to the needs of these carefully selected members, and they fill various roles: Dominants, submissives and switches. Some cater to the needs of various clients on an appointment-by-appointment or need-by-need basis, and others enter exclusive relationships with specific partners that can include a full evolution into a Master/slave romantic relationship.

There are specific guidelines that must be met before a person can be accepted as a member of this section of the club, and applicants are looked over with a fine-tooth comb. No one, client or employee, is to hurt another.

Unless, of course, permission has been granted.

We do hope you’ll enjoy your stay…

General Information

Amongst the Waves is a pan-fandom RPG that accepts anyone and any character regardless of gender and sexual preference, for any length of time and is played out in the city of Las Vegas. This is mostly a social RPG and drama is always entertaining- the more ridiculous the better! We follow real-world rules and due to the nature of the community ask that everyone applying, character AND player, be over 18. If there are any questions you have that the links below don’t cover please email atw_mod.

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